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Pre/Post-Tan Instructions



Exfoliating prior to your tanning session will extend the life of you tan and help provide you with an even glow. 

Shave/Wax and Shampoo

Make sure to shave/wax prior to your session as well as shampoo your hair. Doing so during your post spray shower  will leave you with streaks in your tan. 

Wear/Bring loose, dark clothing

We recommend loose, dark clothing for after you spray tan. Tights clothes can cause lines in your tan. This includes shoes, so bring sandals! 

Post Tan Rinse

After the allotted development time, shower with water only! Just a rinse! 


Moisturize your skin daily to help maintain your spray tan. Dry skin sheds faster taking your tan with it! 

Enjoy your Healthy Tan!

Feel sassy and beautiful! Ask us about our tan extender lotion; moisturizes and extends the life of your tan an extra 3 days!